In a world where it’s more important than ever that we avoid unnecessary close contact with those around us, it’s quite a challenge to return to busy travel hubs and bustling office blocks, shopping centres and recreational facilities. However, temperature screening has become a key activity to help organisations and businesses during the current circumstances, as temperature screening thermal cameras can be used for rapid and safe initial skin-surface temperature screening of people.

For video security cameras to deliver value as part of any safety program, it’s vital they are installed and used according to specific instructions. Installation and usage can affect the performance of the technology.

The aim of this blog is to help give some general installation tips when installing Hikvisions temperature screening Solutions and their thermal cameras.

Camera positioning and height

– All cameras must be mounted appropriately to avoid loss of accuracy and performance
– The installation height of each camera must be adjusted according to camera resolution and focal length
– All Hikvision devices must be firmly installed, to avoid errors caused by shaking

Hikvisions Bi-Spectrum cameras allow for standard optical imaging as well as thermal imaging. Check out this 4MP Bi-Spectrum camera for an example!

Ambient conditions

– Avoid installing devices in hot or changeable environments. All cameras require indoor environments with calm air, consistent temperature and no direct sunlight
– Avoid installation in semi-open locations that may be prone to changes in ambient conditions, such as doorways
– There should be enough stable, visible light. All devices should be installed so as to avoid back lighting, high temperature targets, and reflections in the field of view as far as possible

Setting up the detection area

– Plan a ‘one-direction path’, to ensure that cameras capture the full faces of all those passing by or stopping
– Avoid obstacles in the field of view, such as glass doors that block the camera

Check out our range of Thermal cameras boasting a wide array of thermal imaging technology combined with Hikvisions refined 4MP IP video.

Device start-up and usage

– After initial start-up of the temp-screening device, wait more than 90 minutes for preheating
– Before conducting a thermal scan, give people three to five minutes to allow their body temperature to stabilize
– When using MinMoe facial recognition terminals, people must stand at a fixed distance, pass one by one, make a short stop, and face the camera directly
– Hikvision cameras support efficient group screening, but one-by-one screening is suggested for more accurate results

We hope these help our customers with any installations they need doing which includes Hikvisions Temperature screening thermal cameras.

Feel free to contact us for any further information.
~The HDSecure Team