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Are you a handy person who likes to get things done manually? Have you recently purchased a Hikvision DVR? Are you looking for a way to port forward a Hikvision DVR through the internet router? Or are the recommended settings just not working for you? If so, you’ll find the solution in the video below, where we’ll give a detailed explanation of how to tackle this problem. As a result, you’ll have the port forward set up to work with the DVR. First of all, you’ll need access to a computer that’s connected to your router.

Follow our video guide on how to set up your Virgin Media router to port forward a Hikvision DVR. And with well laid out instructions, it’ll be quick & easy. If you liked the video or you’d like to find out more Hikvision related information, consider subscribing to our Youtube channel.

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Trouble with iVMS-4500 Lite? Connection failed? Cannot connect? Cameras not showing?

This video shows you how to quickly tackle this problem by using Hik-Connect. A app brought to you by Hikvision. You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Follow our video to setup your P2P now and if you liked the video please subscribe to our Youtube channel for more Hikvision related videos.
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