Introduction of Hikvision ColorVu

Hikvision ColorVu changed everything.

The colour of an intruders clothing or the getaway vehicle is often vital evidence that can transform the progress of an investigation.

Over 2 years ago, having colour recording at night was either out of the question, or you would need added hardware such as a floodlight. Even then, it would produce inaccurate & low-quality blurred imaging. This meant that intruders would often be able to get away.

Hikvision tackled this issue by advancing 2 major technological hurdles that stopped cameras from producing good quality colour imaging at night; advanced lenses, and high sensitivity sensors.

Hikvision ColorVu Cameras are purpose-built to capture reliable, detailed chromatic video images in even the darkest of settings.

Aim of this post

Now it’s been a while since Hikvision ColorVu series has been released. Through time they’ve added and refined their range of both IP & HD Coaxial cameras.

In this post, we aim to help you navigate your way around Hikvision’s ColorVu cameras and see what’s best for your system.

Hikvision ColorVu HD Coaxial cameras

Take a look at your DVR before going forward

Hikvision DS-7208HQHI-K2/P 2MP 8 Channel POC DVR
One of the most common Hikvision DVR’s out there. The 8 Channel 4MP DVR

Here we recommend looking at your DVR to see if it can support 5MP Cameras.

Best off is to find your invoice or call the place you purchased the system from.

If it was from us, please have your invoice number or account name ready before calling us if you’re unsure.

You can also look at the model number underneath the Video recorder. As a general rule of thumb with Hikvision DVRs;

if its got “HQHI” it will support no more than 4MP. Something like -> 72xx-HQHI-kx

if its got “HUHI” it will support at least 5-8MP. Something like -> 72xx-HUHI-kx

Lets start with the HD Coaxial Analogue systems.

Hikvisions 2 & 5 MP Turret ColourVu Cameras is where all the hype started! Not long after Hikvision started marketing these cameras,
demand for them shot up in the first month alone due to their significant advantage of full-colour imaging at night at such affordable prices.

ColorVu sign DS-2CE72DFT 2MP Turret Hikvision ColorVu
Click on the image to find out more information

If you’re looking to upgrade your system. The 2MP Hikvision ColorVu camera is the perfect camera to start with. Compatible with most DVR systems out there already; it’s a hassle free upgrade to your security system. We recommend pairing it with either the Hikvision 4 Channel IDS-7204HQHI-K1/2S or the 8 Channel IDS-7208HQHI-K1/4S Acusense DVRs depending on how many cameras you require.

Want a full frame Butter smooth video experience?

We would recommend the IDS-7204HUHI-K1/4S. It comes with AcuSense Technology, 2MP@25-30fps, and Audio over Coax technology on all channels.

The 2MP PIR Siren Turret camera is jam packed with features. These include:

  • Built-in Speakers; it can create noise to warn off potential intruders in the form of a siren!
  • Combine that with Blue & Red strobing LED lights and nobody will stick around to look twice!
  • And to make sure that it won’t keep creating noise and Police lighting, it has a built-in PIR Sensor to make sure you get very little false alarm detection’s. It can even be connected to an alarm system to act as an additional PIR sensor!

Click on the camera to learn more!


Comparison of Hikvision ColorVu with conventional camera
As you can see, you gain a lot more information by having your video in colour.

Introduction of the Hikvision ColorVu Bullet Cameras

After a while of these cameras flying off the shelves, next to be added to the range was the Bullet colourVu! Coming in both 2MP & 5MP, all your systems are covered!

The Bullet variant is perfect when you want the camera to be visible to potential intruders even in the day when the light is off!

Just like the Turret cameras, these come equipped with a Large Aperture, an advanced sensor, and Built-in supplemental lighting to create crisp colour video 24/7.

Mix & Match body shapes to get the tailored CCTV system for your property!

Check out the 5MP Bullet Camera here

The Power over Coax range

Just recently they’ve expanded on their HD Coaxial range by offering all of the cameras above in Power over Coax (POC) form too. This has helped them expand into the POC market as installations are much tidier & easier to set up for CCTV installers & engineers.

Currently they have a over 5 cameras with POC capabilities. Most of them are 5MP; like this 5MP Turret Camera

A DVR like this 8 Channel Hikvision PoC DVR allows you to take advantage of the new POC ColorVu Hikvision Cameras.

Looking at this for yourself? We recommend checking your current DVR to see if its POC compatible. Check either with your engineer, where you purchased it from/ the invoice or the information screen in your DVRs Main Menu.
It will have a “/p” in the model number.

Read more about PoC here.

ColorVu sign DS-2CE72DFT 2MP Turret Hikvision ColorVu

Check the 5MP PoC ColorVu Turret Camera, boasting great popularity among the Professional CCTV installers & engineers.

If you’re going with a PoC System, we would recommend this camera without a doubt.

Perfect for those who already have a PoC System and are looking for a video quality upgrade. You’ll get 24/7 Colour recording too.

Click on the camera to read more!

IP Network Cameras

For the professionals or those that want even more features & performance from their CCTV systems, the IP ColorVu Cameras were a breath of relief when they were released. They offered everything from their HD Coaxial counterparts but with added features. Features like more frames a second (full frames with most Hikvision NVRs like the DS-7608NI-K2) and the ability to have lights on only when motion is detected. Of course, this created even more demand & popularity for the ColorVu series.

Now on their second generation ColorVu IP Cameras, they’ve beefed up their specifications and combined it with their latest technological push; the clever AcuSense Technology (Read more about it here).

Now you have both a camera offering full colour 24/7 and also being able to tell what caused the motion detection to be set off. Be it a human, car, pet or just the rustling of leaves; this camera will be able to tell you exactly that. And the NVR even sorts the alarms into categories of what caused the detection.

And that’s not all. The camera now comes with facial detection so that you will get clear shots of peoples faces. Someone hanging around your property often? You’ll have a clear log of when they’re around and at what time. This can be vital evidence for law enforcement.

They upgraded their cameras with better Waterproof ratings so your camera will survive no matter the weather, even in a storm.

Varying lighting levels in the video shot will also be no hassle to deal with. The camera now has a stronger WDR. Going from 120dB to 130dB, even large variances in lighting will mean you will still get information from the whole shot.

The update to Hikvision’s ColorVu IP Cameras

The First generation IP Turret ColorVu Camera

After a short while of being on sale, they pushed an updated version. This came with the following advantages:

  • Built-in microphone – This allowed for both video & audio recording.
  • Enhanced WDR – from 120dB to 130dB so varying light levels look even better
  • Enhanced Waterproofing – From IP66 to IP67, the camera is now better equipped to survive outside.
  • Upgraded MicroSD Slot – Now supports upto 256GB

The updated 2nd Generation. Aside from Under the hood changes, you can also notice the more advanced light used

So that covers most of the Cameras offered by ColorVu. But we’re not done yet.

EXTRA – How you can go about setting up the IP ColorVu Camera

You have 2 options to get your IP Camera up & running. You can either set it up to a Network video recorder (like shown above). But what if you want just 1 camera or you don’t want to buy an NVR? Well there’s the option of connecting it direct to your router using a POE Switch.  This is a cheaper option for most.

IP Connection options for IP Cameras

DS-3E1309P-EI 8 POE Switch
As a Switch, you could use the latest Smart Managed 8 Port PoE Switch by Hikvision

Connect up to 4 IP Cameras using this 4 Channel NVR by Hikvision

Hikvision Thermal Camera
Outside of the ColorVu cameras, Hikvision have a massive range of IP Cameras. Check out this IP Temperature thernmal IP Camera!

Check out this 4G NVR By Hikvision

Don’t have a router or is it far from your Video Recorder? Surpass the need for a wired connection to the internet with the latest Hikvision 4G Powered NVRs!

This is perfect for jobs where security & surveillance is needed for remote areas.

Click on the image to read more.

A note for the commercial focused Installers & Engineers

We’ve covered almost all of the options there is.

But if you’re an Engineer looking for something more specific for that commercial job where they’re asking for a very specific type of camera, (like a motorized Varifocal camera or a vandal proof camera that needs Colour imaging 24/7), then keep reading.

Hikvision have you covered here too. Just give us a call and we’ll point you to the right camera paired with a great price.

Hikvision have you covered for the more demanding jobs too. Just call us on 0161 791 2351 / 0161 879 9191 so we can help you out.


So there you have it. Our ultimate guide to help you choose the best guide when it comes to Hikvision’s ColorVu Cameras. They’re definitely going to be sticking around.
Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section; we’ll try to answer any and all questions as quickly as possible.

We look forward to what the newer generations will be when they come round to it, but for now; we all have some very amazing cameras to experiment with and use to protect our property and keep intruders away!

Best wishes in the hunt for the perfect camera for your property,
~ Ali Azizi
HDSecure Team