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-1-port Hi-PoE Gigabit adapter (25000Base-T, 50V, 60W)

Highlight Features

Hi-PoE Injector
RJ45 MultiGigabit 10/100/1000/2500 Mbps Ports
Maximum distance 100 metres
Compatible with PoE IEEE802.3b,IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at
It offers data and power injection on a UTP cable to power Hi-PoE devices (up to 60W)).
Compact Design

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg







Black, White

Spec Sheet

1-Port 60W Gigabit PoE Adapter/Injector


High Power Output: The RG-POE-50-60W-MG adapter delivers a robust power output of up to 60W, providing ample power for a wide range of PoE-enabled devices. It is capable of powering demanding devices such as PTZ cameras, wireless access points, and IP telephones.
Gigabit Ethernet Support: This PoE adapter supports Gigabit Ethernet speeds of up to 10/100/1000 Mbps, ensuring high-speed data transmission and minimizing network latency. It enables seamless integration with modern network infrastructures for optimized performance.
Single-Port Design: With its single-port configuration, the RG-POE-50-60W-MG adapter offers easy connectivity and power delivery for individual network devices. It simplifies network deployments by eliminating the need for multiple power sources and reducing cable clutter.
Plug-and-Play Installation: The adapter features a user-friendly design that enables effortless installation. Simply connect it to a power source and the network device, and it will automatically detect and supply power without the need for additional configuration or software installation.
Comprehensive Safety Protections: The RG-POE-50-60W-MG adapter incorporates advanced safety features, including overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and over-temperature protection. These safeguards ensure the reliable operation of both the adapter and the connected devices, minimizing the risk of damage or downtime.
Wide Compatibility: This PoE adapter is compatible with various PoE standards, including IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at. It can seamlessly power a wide range of PoE-enabled devices, making it suitable for diverse networking applications.


More Information
Colour Black
Manufacturer Ruijie/Reyee
Type of Product simple
New Product Yes