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£120.00 inc VAT: £144.00


Pyronix ENF-TABLET Andiod Tablet.


Part of the all-in-one security solution with Enforcer V11 and SmartPlug
HomeControlHUB app compatible
Tablet control
Mounted or mobile
Maintenance on the move
Available now as a single unit


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Weight 4 kg





Taking security control to new levels

Provide unprecedented control over the Enforcer V11 security system, with the AndroidTablet and HomeControlHUB app.

Mounted or mobile around any residential or business property, the AndroidTablet allows users to not only surf the web, but open HomeControlHUB to action any keypad function. The interface also combines the Enforcer V11, cameras and SmartPlug to control security, video and automation. It’s time to deliver a completely unified customer experience.

Please note: The AndroidTablet can only be used to control the Enforcer V11 security system when connected to the same Wi-Fi router. When connected to a different router, only automation and video functions can be controlled.

Mounted or mobile

Either mounted to act as a keypad for your panel or mobile to let you monitor and control your system around the your residential property or business, the AndroidTablet provides flexible and convenient access and control of your system.

Maintenance on the move

The AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB isn’t just a convenient interface for the user, but also for you, as a portable keypad for your maintenance visits.

Don’t waste time referring back to a static keypad on the wall, pick up the AndroidTablet and walk around to quickly and efficiently check, diagnose, walk test and maintain the system.

Day to day

Not only does the AndroidTablet give users an easy and flexible way to control their security through HomeControlHUB, it can also be used day to day.

From surfing the web, managing emails, watching movies or taking pictures, the AndroidTablet is the user’s to use however they wish.


Downloadable from the Google Play Store for the AndroidTablet is our new app, HomeControlHUB, which will allow you to control your security right from the touch of the AndroidTablet’s screen with added features for total control and awareness of your property.


Easily control your panel from the HomeControlHUB app, by arming, disarming, checking history of events, viewing cameras and more.


Automate devices to activate at certain times, create scenes that activate at the touch of a button, or simply switch devices on and off.

Video with split-screen viewing

Add cameras to HomeControlHUB to bring a complete video solution into one platform. View live video of up to 16 cameras on split-screen viewing, record and save to your devices.

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