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Prolux PXC-PFA130-E-G Waterproof Junction Box

£11.75 inc VAT: £14.10

The Prolux PFA130-E-G is a great waterproof Junction Box option for your Prolux cameras to hide your wirings and make a cleaner CCTV installation job.

  • Compatible wit Dahua & Prolux Cameras
  • Aluminum & SECC Material
  • Product Dimensions: 124mm(L) x 41mm(W)
  • Pipe Thread G3/4″
  • IP66
  • Neat & Integrated Design
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The PFA130-E-G is a Waterproof Junction Box that attaches to a wide variety of  turret cameras from Prolux & Dahua

Prolux PFA130-E-G Grey Waterproof Junction Box

The Prolux PFA130-E-G Grey Waterproof Junction Box is a full aluminium, IP66 rated junction box that goes under your dome/turret cameras to protect the connections of the cameras from water or dust damage. The camera will fit snug on the junction box. Therefore, you end up with a clean & professional installation. Similarly, the junction box makes sure the cameras are securely fitted to the wall/ceiling and that there’s no water damage to the wiring.

When to consider using a junction box:

First of all, consider that the Junction box is IP66 Rated. As a result, your connections will be completely safe from water & dust. This electrical junction box mount is used to give easy access to your connections, hiding them inside the junction box. As a result, it allows you to drill a smaller hole in your wall. In comparison to deep bases, the added advantage of junction boxes is the added waterproof protection.
If you can’t drill far into the wall, you should use a junction box.

General details of PFA130-E-G:
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimension: Φ124mm x 41mm (φ4.88” x 1.61”)
  • Pipe thread: G3/4”
  • Weight: 0.35kg (0.77lb)
  • Load bearing: 3.0kg (6.61lb)
  • Colour: Grey
  • Protection: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -40ºC ~60ºC(-40℉~+140℉)
  • Humidity: <90% RH
  • Applicable models: PXC-612F2W-A, PXC-612F8W-A, PXC-612I4W-EP, PXC-612I6W-EP, PXC-612I8W-EP


Additional information





Bracket type

Junction Box

General specifications

Material Aluminium
Dimension Φ124mmx41mm(φ4.88”x1.61”)
Pipe thread G3/4”
Weight 0.35kg(0.77lb)
Load bearing 3.0kg(6.61lb)
Color White
Protection IP66
Operating temperature -40ºC ~60ºC(-40℉~+140℉)
Humidity <90% RH
Applicable models Prolux PXC-612 & PXC-620 series cameras
HAC-HDxxxxxxx series Dahua cameras


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