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The Ajax HUB2 is the control panel of a security system.

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The hub manages all Ajax devices, arms and disarms the property, and in case of a threat, notifies an alarm response center as well as you.

The Hub2:
Transmits photos from MotionCam detectors
Automatically notifies the alarm response company
Full system control in one app
Communicates via 3 independent channels
* Requires Internet access to communicate with the cloud server Ajax Cloud—for configuring and controlling from any point of the world, transferring event notifications, and updating the software. The personal data and system operation logs are stored under multilevel protection, and information exchange with Hub 2 is carried out via an encrypted channel on a 24-hour basis.

Hub 2
Power cable
Ethernet cable
Installation kit
Micro SIM (not included some countries)
Quick Start Guide

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