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Ajax Smart Socket Plug (Type G) with Energy Monitor (Black)

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The Ajax Socket Black is Smart plug.

ajax-socket-plus (type g)-smart plug with energy monitor

Ajax Smart Socket Plug (Type G) with Energy Monitor

When you return home, you can look forward to a comfortable climate and a cozy atmosphere throughout the year. Additionally, you can effortlessly manage your heating devices using the Ajax Smart Socket Plug (Type G) during the winter and your air conditioner during the summer. Furthermore, you have the convenience of starting your humidifier and heating water for your bath with just a few taps on the app while on your way home.

Compatible hub models All the Ajax Alarm Hubs;
Compatible range extenders ReX
ReX 2
Jeweller communication technology Proprietary wireless technology for transmission of events.
It features:

  • Two-way communication.
  • Advanced anti-sabotage.
  • Block encryption featuring a dynamic key.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Remote configuration via the Ajax apps.
Frequency bands 866.0 – 866.5 MHz
868.0 – 868.6 MHz
868.7 – 869.2 MHz
905.0 – 926.5 MHz
915.85 – 926.5 MHz
921.0 – 922.0 MHz
Maximum effective radiated power (ERP) up to 20 mW
Automatic power control to reduce power consumption and radio interference.
Radio signal modulation GFSK
Radio communication range up to 1100 m
Between plug and hub or range extender in an open space.
Radio signal encryption All the data stored and transmitted are protected by block encryption with a dynamic key.
Radio frequency hopping Radio communication uses frequency hopping to prevent interception and jamming.

No more worries about forgetting an iron on

As you depart from your home, be sure to close the door securely, and then proceed to arm the system. Consequently, all the most energy-consuming and potentially hazardous appliances will be automatically powered down. Consequently, appliances like the iron, heater, and toaster will no longer pose a fire risk.


Ajax Smart Socket Plug (Type G); Identifies power vampires

Ajax Smart sockets provide you with real-time information regarding the most power-consuming devices in your home. Moreover, the moment an appliance begins to consume electricity, the Socket’s LED changes color instantly, allowing you to stay informed at all times.

Complies with electrical safety standards

Every smart plug undergoes thorough testing to ensure its quality, including assessments of the materials used, its performance under high temperatures, and its ability to function reliably under heavy loads. Additionally, the Socket adheres to the standards for electrical appliances, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind.

Protects your curious little ones

Equipped with special shutters, the Socket offers comprehensive childproofing, effectively preventing your children from inserting objects such as screwdrivers, scissors, or hairpins. In addition to child safety, these shutters also provide protection against dust and splashes, ensuring a secure and clean environment.

Ajax Smart Socket Plug (Type G); Safeguard in the power grid

The device seamlessly connects to the 230 V AC power source and, upon command, efficiently closes or opens the circuit. Furthermore, the smart plug boasts an impressive capacity, capable of handling loads of up to 3 kW. This ample capacity allows you to connect even the most power-hungry devices without any concerns.

Always in touch

In our pursuit of a robust security system, we’ve developed the Jeweller radio protocol. This protocol has been designed to facilitate seamless interaction among all security system devices. To achieve this, the radio protocol employs several key features. First, it utilizes frames for synchronized device communication. Moreover, it implements authentication measures to prevent forgery, and encryption techniques to fortify protection against potential hacking threats.

Home and office automation

Leverage various use scenarios to enhance both safety and comfort in your daily life. For instance, you can configure your office lights to automatically switch off upon arming the system. Alternatively, program your projectors to activate in response to outdoor motion detectors identifying potential intruders. Additionally, you have the option to schedule your toaster to start at a specific time each morning, streamlining your daily routines.

Ajax Smart Socket Plug (Type G); Choose the most suitable Ajax set in 2 minutes

Share your protection requirements with us, and we will assemble a tailored set of detectors and devices for your premises.

Do you need any help?
Why not give us a call on 0161 791 2351 or 0161 879 9191.

Additional information






Smart plug

Spare accessories available (likely on a special order basis), if required please speak to Sales or your BDM.
Everything is ready by the time you get home
You will come back home to enjoy comfortable climate and cozy atmosphere all year round. Turn on your heating devices during winter and air conditioner during summer. Start your humidifier and heat water for your bath: do it all with only a few taps in the app on your way home.

No more worries about forgetting an iron on
When you leave your house, close the door and arm the system. All top energy consuming and dangerous appliances will be automatically switched off. Iron, heater, and toaster will no longer create a risk of fire.
Identifies power vampires
Socket informs you about the most power consuming devices. As soon as an appliance starts consuming electricity, Socket’s LED changes colour in real time.

Complies with electrical safety standards
Socket complies with the standards for electrical appliances ensuring your safety. Each smart plug is fully tested: quality of materials, effect of high temperatures, ability to work for a long time under load.

Protects your curious little ones
Special shutters inside the Socket protect your children and prevent them from inserting screwdrivers, scissors, or hairpins. They also protect from dust and splashes.

Safeguard in the power grid
The device connects to the 230 V AC source and closes/opens the circuit on command. The smart plug can handle loads of up to 3 kW, which is enough to connect a very power-hungry devices.
Always in touch
We developed the Jeweller radio protocol to ensure uninterrupted interaction of all security system devices. The radio protocol uses frames to synchronize device communication, authentication to prevent forgery, and encryption to protect against hacking.

Home and office automation
Use scenarios to make life safer and more comfortable. Set your office lights to turn off automatically on arming, program your projectors to turn on when outdoor motion detectors identify intruders, or turn on your toaster at a certain time in the morning.

Simple connection
Socket can be connected and set up in a matter of minutes. To add a Socket to the system, scan a QR code with the Ajax app, name it and assign a room. The device and automation scenarios are also configured in the app in real time.



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