ePoE is the world leading technology in network cameras due to having so many advantages. These include being cost and time saving, allowing for longer transmission distances, being eco-friendly, and Ethernet over coax support.

With the new IP ePoE technology, there’s a more hassle-free, flexible solution for larger installation projects; cutting equipment and installation costs & installation times. It also makes the system more reliable. You have lower maintenance costs due to fewer wiring and equipment in the system. Its currently supported by Prolux and Dahua.

  • Extended distance installation; allowing for transmission of video, audio, data and power up to 800m with just a single CAT5E cable with compatible network cameras.
  • Money saving; You get immediate savings using ePoE as fewer devices are needed to be purchased. You can also take advantage of the existing infrastructure in place.
  • EoC: upgrading from analogue to IP has never been easier than before with EoC technology. Its a simple and cost-effective solution for upgrading an older analogue system to an IP system with plug and play installation. You save money and time using the EoC converters.
  • On top of all of this, ePoE NVRs and Cameras are much more Eco-Friendly compared to other cameras on the market. They help conserve energy, saving money for the customer and they have a smaller carbon footprint. You’ll be seeing savings of ~ 182.5 kWh/year.